Clesp has a technical office and a mechanic workshop that creates new solutions of hardware and software every year to better implement our services.

Our most important prototype is an automatic warehouse that devides the books by costumer, a sorter with about 800 exits on 4 levels and with 4 loading points. The machine is licensed in Italy and Europe; in Italy, it allows sorting and packing of tens of thounsands of books without errors.

The software for the logistics off- and on-line functioning for ecommerce, is personalized every year according to customers' requests.

In addition to the ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance operations, the technical office can quickly resolve all possible problems regarding the functioning of the industrial devices (laser guns, printers and labeling machines).

The project is built using funding ROP - Regional competitiveness and employment - Part ERDF "European Fund for Regional Development" 2007-2013 - Axis 1 (innovation and economic knowledge) Action 1.1.2, Action 1.1.3 and Action 1.1 .4