The Segnalibro brand is registered by CLESP SRL.
We have been involved in the distribution of textbooks and books in general. We have agreements with over 1500 points of sale in all over Italy (Bookshops, stationery shops, supermarkets), called "SEGNALIBRO point", where it is possible to order any book and to pick it up after a few days.

Our numbers:

  • Each customer has bought an average of 8 books, with an amount of 173€.
  • We have delivered between 98% e 100% of orders: the books that were not found were being reprinted or wew not available in the distribution network of publisher.
  • About 44% of orders were processed within 7 days of order including holidays, including books begin reprinted.
  • 806.000 visits to out website to verify order status.
  • 1.520.000 messages and 267.000 emails sent to customers.
  • 2.500 orders to publisher.
  • 33.000 deliveries all over Italy.
  • 294.000 families served.