Archiwin / Archiweb


  • Windows software for point of sale management.
  • Database with 125.000 textbooks and 644.000 general books.
  • Possibility to add titles to the database for ordering.
  • Quick search in the database using title, author, ISBN, publisher.
  • Management of your customer database and thei orders.
  • Management of the database of the teacher selected textbooks.
  • Reception of messages sent by Clesp on news and updates.
  • Real time updates of client forms and of the book database through Internet connection.
  • Print of the customer book order receipts, of the selected books lists and of the list of books in delivery.
  • Management of the new year database change and creation of the archive.
  • Automatic and free updates of the new software versions through Clesp links.


Minimum hardware required: processor 1.3 Ghz, 1 GB available on the hard disk, 512 MB of Ram memory, Windows 98 or superior operative system.



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Archiwin evaluation version

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